Where are the Dead?

What does science tell us?
What does philosophy tell us?
What does spiritism tell us?
What does the Bible tell us?

Where are the dead? is a question that has exercised the minds of thinking people in all ages. Today the answers are many, but conflicting, and with many different teachings of the religious world, few indeed know exactly what to believe.

Science tells us about the body, how it is composed of many elements. They can tell us in minute detail the percentage of these elements. Science can tell us of the thousands of parts that make up the human body and how they function individually and in conjunction with each other. Science can tell us many things, they can cure many ailments that come upon us. They can bring back from the very edge of death to a full and healthy life. Science has learned how to prolong life naturally and artificially, but after life is gone, science is unable to give it back or to create life anew. God alone possesses this power.

Philosophy tells us that we, as human beings, have considerable reasoning power and a built-in conscience that tells us the difference between right and wrong. Philosophy assures us that if we follow the right course we are good or virtuous and should expect a corresponding reward when we die. Of course, it follows that if we follow the wrong course, we are bad or vicious and should expect a corresponding punishment. Philosophy, therefore, reasons that there must be a future state where the virtuous will be rewarded and the vicious punished, but philosophy cannot tell us what or where this future state will be.

Spiritism comes in many different forms and most people are unaware to what extent it is really active. We, as Bible Students, are convinced that spiritism, where it is not fraud, trickery or illusion, is a manifestation of evil spirits, the fallen angels whose main objective is to persuade mankind to believe that no one really dies, but when death takes place the person is made more alive than ever. This is supported by what is called a medium who is supposedly able to communicate with the dead. We will not deny that some of these manifestations are supernatural and are produced by forces for which physical science has no explanation. The Lord has warned us of them and told us to test them, not by their power, but by their fruits, their holiness, humility and homage to the name of Jesus and the Word of God (1 John 4:1-6). Other warnings against spiritism appear in Deut. 18:9-12 and Isaiah 8:19-20.

If science, philosophy or spiritism does not satisfy our curiosity about where are the dead then where can we go to find a satisfying answer? Bible students believe that we must look to God himself and expect to get our answer, not through visions or peculiar manifestations, but through the Bible, the Word of God.

We are offering two booklets one entitled Where are the Dead? which discusses from a biblical standpoint many subjects including: What is the soul? Is the soul immortal? Where are the dead? The resurrection of the dead The Second Death; and another booklet: What Say the Scriptures Concerning Spiritism.

Contact us for your free copy of Where are the Dead? and/or What Say the Scriptures Concerning Spiritism.  You’ll be glad you did.

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